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We look a bit different, but our purpose remains the same - to develop creative, meaningful and sustainable solutions for social challenges.


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Our Method

Software & Communication for Development

We work at the intersection of Tech and Community Development to develop digital products, strategic communications, engaging content and educational assets for projects with purpose. 


featured project: tech for the prevention of violence against women

Hello Cass

Violence against women and their children is one of the most prevalent, pervasive and urgent challenges we face in Australia.

Fear, shame, social stigma and embarrassment mean up to 80% of incidents are not reported - and resource shortages, language barriers and cultural differences create immense challenges for our diverse community. 

And we want to help change that. Read more.



Our Collaborators

We work across governments, NGOs, educational institutions and community organisations to deliver culturally-aware and user-centric outcomes.



To provide assistance to underserved communities

Good Hood works with governments and their agencies to deliver projects for our underserved and marginalised communities. We work in close collaboration across diverse stakeholders to ensure inclusive and culturally-aware outcomes.



To advocate & engage

With a focus on young people and disadvantaged communities, we develop communication strategies, campaigns and creative projects to support local and international NGOs to continue their important work and advocacy. 



Community health

For regional health & the prevention of violence against women 

Through technology, we have an incredible opportunity to reach and engage people in remote and disadvantaged communities like never before. We work with a range of technologies - from the simple in SMS, to the machine-learning bleeding edge - to develop solutions that enable self-empowerment, capacity building and community development.



For outreach & education

We are passionate about equitable and accessible education at Good Hood, and have extensive experience developing both digital and classroom-based learning resources for schools, tertiary institutions, and the private sector. 


Our Founder


With over a decade's experience in a dual capacity career of Tech & Community Development, Emma Koster established Good Hood in 2013, with a mission to work towards a fairer, brighter, more inclusive future.

An outspoken advocate for women in Tech, Emma is passionate about encouraging and supporting diversity across the Tech industry - from the teams developing the solution, through to the people they are developing it for. 

Emma Koster, Good Hood Founder

Emma Koster, Good Hood Founder




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