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We are tech & digital consultants delivering creative, sustainable solutions for a fairer future.


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Our Method

Software & Communication for Development

We work at the intersection of Tech and Community Development to develop tech products, strategic communications, engaging content and educational assets for projects with purpose. 

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Our Work

Partnering with not-for-profits, NGOs, government, educational institutions and community organisations.


Technical consulting

From research, scoping and requirements to development & delivery

With over 15 years experience in digital strategy and delivery, Good Hood can offer a range of consulting services to support your organisation’s technical goals. Our clients include Domestic Violence Resource Centre (DVRCV), Jesuit Social Services, City of Yarra, Deakin University, Victoria University, ReDI School of Digital Integration, with project examples and testimonials available upon request.


software development

User-centric and accessible technical products

We assemble and manage specialist teams specific to each product’s needs, ensuring your work is delivered by highly skilled developers and architects. Our team has extensive experience in developing diverse software platforms including eLearning, eCommerce, and Search and Data-riven products.

(Check out Hello Cass, an SMS chatbot providing information for people experiencing or affected by family or sexual violence launching early 2019!)



community mentoring

Paying it forward to support young people & their visions

We are committed to providing 10% of our capacity each week pro bono, supporting initiatives driven by young people. We feel privileged to be able to work with and support some of our community’s most inspiring and passionate young minds.


for good

To engage, educate, advocate, assist, inform and empower.

We employ a participatory approach to our projects, with co-design as the rule, not the exception; and we are proud to use our skills in support of a fairer future.


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featured project: tech for the prevention of violence against women

Hello Cass

Violence against women and their children is one of the most prevalent, pervasive and urgent challenges we face in Australia.

Fear, shame, social stigma and embarrassment mean up to 80% of incidents are not reported - and resource shortages, language barriers and cultural differences create immense challenges for our diverse community. 

And we want to help change that. Read more.



Our Founder


With over a decade's experience in a dual capacity career of Tech & Community Development, Emma Koster established Good Hood in 2013, with a mission to work towards a fairer, brighter, more inclusive future.

An outspoken advocate for women in Tech, Emma is passionate about encouraging and supporting diversity across the Tech industry - from the teams developing the solution, through to the people they are developing it for. 

Emma Koster, Good Hood Founder

Emma Koster, Good Hood Founder




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